da juana byrd                     

Love Letters



Chapter One

Letter’s of Your Name
And Your Relationship

Since the beginning of time, couples have struggled with  romance. “Is this person the one or am I just wasting my time,” is the mantra of so many people? Each person wishes that they had a see-all-know-all way to pick a lover. Unfortunately, there is no precise way to pick your soul mate but there are ways to influence choice and to make finding your perfect partner easier.

Many factors influence relationships such as sex, first glances, eye color, body and face shape, temperament, emotional impulses and, believe it or not, names. Think for a moment. A name’s sound as it rolls off a person’s lips can make or break an initial impression. It can make you woozy with desire or leave you standing cold.

When that name makes you sigh with desire, then the first impression is even better. On the other hand, if that person’s name creates an image of a person who doesn’t need others, it could push a new love away. A case in point is the names Angela and Sue. Hearing the name Angela murmured conveys a softer, sexier, more pliable person than Sue; whether, in fact, it is true or not.

People like to believe that they are above such influences but each of us has, deep down, some prejudices when it comes to others and especially when it comes to names. That is why parents take such care to name their child lovingly and carefully. Parents want their child to be liked, successful and happy. A good name helps a person succeed in life and love and most especially in love. Thus your lineage is carried on and all good parents want that for their child.

In order to give young love a chance to mature, you need every opportunity to assist your budding relationship. With that in mind, take the name of a potential lover. Listen to the way it sounds and what it conjures up in your mind when you hear it. If the sound of the name completely turns you off, look for love in another place. The sound of the name will always turn you off. Give yourself every advantage and don’t start at a disadvantage. Once you have passed the hurdle of how the name makes you feel each time you hear it, then add looks to the package. Using the name of your prospective lover along with his or her appearance, you know instantly whether there is an attraction between the two of you.

Now let’s get a little more technical. The way a name is spelled helps a person in life and love, especially love. Letters of the name can cause problems in a relationship or can bind the partners together more strongly. Use of vowels and consonants arranged in certain manners can assist a couple in handling life’s situations and coming out on top. Each twosome needs help in meeting, romancing and living together. Names can give that extra edge in romance.

From the day we are named, our names have direct influence upon our lives. The way names are spelled, shape our personalities and have a direct correlation on our successes in coupling. When two people meet they generally hear the first name and have to socialize a moment or two before they figure out that there could be mutual attraction that could lead to more for them. Knowing what the letters of the first name mean when compared to each other can help move the relationship along. Once you have a chance to examine the whole names you can get a bigger picture of challenges and strengths between the two of you.

When two decide to marry, they need to take into consideration another change in name, which may occur. Generally a woman takes her husband’s name. Once that happens, it changes the dynamics between the duo. She takes on more of his traits even though there may be some she didn’t desire. He sees her as a different person then than when he met her. If the lady takes on his whole name, such as Mrs. John Doe, she looses her identity completely and he forgets why he loved her in the first place. Keeping her given name keeps the fires of love burning more voraciously.