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Professional Psychic & Medium

Da Juana Byrd is a psychic medium that, in 1980, had a near death experience. She went to what some perceive as heaven and has returned to talk about it along with other spiritual events. While communing with God during her death experience, Da Juana learned that life on both sides, before and after death, has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with God.

"Religion is not what the dead speak of: they speak of learning."

Ghosts and angels have been a part of Da Juanaís life as far back into her life as she can remember. Angels and ghosts come as light beings or little orbs of light dancing around the room and even come as flesh and blood looking as any earthling. Though sometimes they are quiet, most of the time they bring messages to loved ones left here on earth. It is this extraordinary psychic mediums job to get those messages out to loved ones.
Da Juana has worked with police on missing persons, murders and other crimes she has appeared on a variety of television and radio programs and speaks to several groups and organizations each year.

As the Founder of in 1993, Da Juana is always on the forefront of metaphysical and astrological happenings.

She is grateful for her psychic gift and will continue to work throughout her life before and after death to help others understand that her psychic gift is a wonderful gift from God. 

Feelings, thoughts, dreamsÖ We all have them, but what do they mean, what are they for and how can they be developed? Find out by reading Da Juana Byrdís GHOSTS TALK Ė How to Hear and Talk With Them

Psychic and author Da Juana Byrd recounts her life-long communication with the Other Side and explains how everyone has the fascinating ability to do the same.  Ms. Byrdís poignant narrative of her near-death experience helps others understand earthly existence, end of life transition, afterlife activity and the roles these experiences play in shaping our lives. Enjoy new insight into the paranormal world through auras, colors, meditation and more.

Find out WHATíS IN A NAME by reading this splendid ebook also by Da Juana Byrd describing the meaning of names, the letters in them and the path a name can create. Enrich your petís life by reading our extensive offering of e-reports on pet health that has brought rave reviews from pet owners worldwide. Ebooks and reports, audio tapes and conventional hardcover books by Da Juana Byrd and other outstanding authorsÖ check out all three formats to help you work with your intuitive/psychic gifts. 

You can get your daily, weekly horoscopes and readings from, or Discover your future and more! Astrology has been a proven practice since ancient times. Now, combined with modern computer technology, astrology reveals important answers to your deepest questions through various Astrological Charts PERSONALIZED to the moment of your birth!

You no longer need to wonder about yourself or someone you love when the answers are just a click away! These charts make great gift items for the holidays!

Itís much more than simple A-B-CíS. Love Letters and the order in which they are used, give a name certain properties that last for an entire lifetime. In addition to being an interesting topic, understanding letters and names can empower and influence the future of a child, pet, even a street! Discern negative and positive features of names. Discover the basic numeric connections to letters and how the combinations affect the path of the individual wearing the name.